Vindhya Telelinks


Fibre Adapter Series – SC (Duplex/Simplex)



  • Excellent changability and directivity
  • 100% optically tested(Insertion loss)
  • Ceramic and Phosphor bronze sleeve tube optional
  • Accurate mounting dimentions
  • As per ITU standard

Product Description

Birla adapters offers superior performance with very high repeatability. These adapters has very low insertion loss. Adapters are available in snap-in and flange mount options and support both single mode and multimode fiber applications including OM3 fiber specifications, making them suitable for 10G applications.


  • Local area Networks
  • Fast Ethernet
  • ATM Networks
  • Testing and measuring instruments
  • FDMS, Mounts in wall mount cabinets and rack mount units

Technical Features

Parameters PC APC
Insertion loss < 0.2 dB < 0.2 dB
Connection Durability(500 Cycles) dB < 0.2 dB < 0.2dB
Returnloss- dB ≥ 50 ≥ 65
Temperature Stability < 0.3 dB < 0.3 dB
Operating Environment -20°C to +70°C -20°C to +70°C
Storage Environment -40°C to +80°C -40°C to +80°C