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Typical Cross section for Armoured Cable


  • —Armoured & Unarmoured construction
  • —Availability of standard conductor sizes ranging from 0.4 mm to 0.9 mm diameter
  • —Available in sizes up to 2400 pairs
  • Suitable for installation in ducts—
  • —Direct Burial application for armoured cable

Technical Details:

Conductor Diameter Conductor Resistance at 20ºC (Solid or Foam Skin Cable) Attenuation at 150KHz.
0.40 mm 135 ± 8 Ω/Km 12.00 dB/Km (max.avg.)
0.50 mm 86 ± 6 Ω/Km 8.25 dB/Km (max. avg.)
0.63 mm 58 ± 4 Ω/Km 6.30 dB/Km (max. avg.)
0.90 mm 28 ± 2 Ω/Km 4.40 dB/Km (max. avg.)
Mutual Capacitance Capacitance Unbalance
52 +/- 3 nF/Km (avg.) Pair to Pair Pair to Earth
52 +/- 4.5 nF/Km 50 pF/Km (Max. Avg.) 750 pF/Km (max. avg.))
(individual) 200 pF/Km (Max.) 3000 pF/Km (max.)
Insulation Resistance : 5000 mega ohms / Km (Min.)
ELFEXT :55 dB/Km (min) at 150 KHz NEXT : 55 dB (min.) at 150 KHz.
67.8 dB/Km (RMS) at 150 KHz.  

Cable Construction Details

Conductor Conductor - Each conductor consists of a round wire of annealed high conductivity copper.
Insulation Each conductor is insulated with Foam Skin / Solid PE insulation. Foam Skin insulation consists of an extruded inner layer of uncoloured foam, covered by an extruded outer layer of coloured skin with required colours to meet the specification. For Solid insulation each conductor is insulated with Solid medium/high density polyethylene insulation.
Twinning Two insulated conductors are twisted with uniform lay to form a pair. The length of the lay of the pairs is so choses that the cross talk is minimum.
Units & Super Units No's of twisted pairs are laid up to form a group which constitutes a unit.
Stranding Twisted pairs/ super units are stranded to form a cable core.
Filling The cable core is fully filled with water resistant compound which is compatible with the polythene insulation of the conductors.
Core Wrapping & Screening The filled cable core is wrapped with at least one helical or longitudinal plastic tape. Thereafter one aluminium tape, coated with copolymer on both sides is applied longitudinally over the cable core with a specified overlap.
Sheathing The screened cable core is sheathed with black polythene compound grade 03C as per BS:6234.
Bedding tape If the cable is required to be armoured, two helical lapping of polythene bedding tape is applied over the polythene sheath.
Armouring The cable is then armoured with two applications of galvanized steel tape each applied helically with a specified gap. The second tape covers the gap left by the first tape.
Jacketing The armoured cable is finally jacketed with black polythene compound grade 03C of BS:6234.